What, you've never been to a Zumba class?!?!


Don't panic, you 're about to have the best fun you've ever had in a fitness class. 


Zumba is exercise in disguise!


I've  been teaching Zumba Fitness since 2011 and Zumba Gold classes since 2013 and before that I was a class participant briefly myself so I know exactly how you feel.


Here are my Top 10 Tips of how to survive your first Zumba class.

Lots of water

Let the Instructor know your new

The instructor is the key to your success so if they know you're new or it's your first class with them they'll be able to give you information about the class, the best place to stand, what to expect etc.

Tell the Instructor if you have any injuries, illnesses or health issues

This is really important. The instructor can offer you options or modifications to moves which might not be suitable for you. They can also check on you throughout the class to make sure you're ok.

Don't hide at the back

The edge of the dance floor is never as much fun as right in the thick of it. Zumba classes are mainly taught using visual cues so you won't often hear the instructor barking instructions. It's therefore important that you can clearly see them. Try to aim for the middle of the class rather than the far sides or back.

Drink water

You will sweat in a Zumba class. It's really important to stay hydrated whilst exercising. It's recommended you drink at least 1lt of water for every hour you exercise.

Wear suitable clothing

As I said, you will get hot so make sure you are wearing clothing that's suitable for exercise. Remember to bring a jumper or sweatshirt to put on after too. Ladies, two words - SPORTS BRA!

Wear suitable shoes

Zumba is a fitness class and therefore shoes are essential. If you do not have trainers with you for class the instructor may turn you away as it's important that your feet are protected during the class. Any trainers are fine, they do not have to be anything special. Just comfortable and clean!

Not a dancer? Yes you are!

There is no right or wrong in a Zumba class. Every single person has their own way of moving, don't be afraid of yours. The more you relax and forget about how you look the harder your body will work and the more calories you'll burn! I promise you that no one is watching or judging how you move - they're all too busy having fun!

Always be early

Again, Zumba is a fitness class therefore participation in the warm-up and cool down are essential. If you're body isn't correctly warmed up then there is a risk of injury, and no one wants that. If you are late for class and miss the warm-up the instructor may turn you away. I'm sorry. This is for your benefit. I want your body (and mind) to be really ready for the party.

Need a break?

If you feel you need to take a break in the middle of the class, that's fine. Move to the side of the room and stay standing and keep moving gently. If you suddenly stop and sit you may feel faint. Breathers and breaks are fine.

At the end of class talk to your Instructor, tell her if you had any difficulties with moves or issues she may be able to help

If you're new we like to hear your thoughts and feedback. Don't worry if you felt a little confused in your first class. It takes between 4-6 classes of anything new for your body and brain to get used to the workout. Next time you'll find it much easier and you'll probably remember some of the routines too!

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WHAT TO wear:​
Workout clothes - comfortable and easy to move in (you'll get hot!)
Trainers - clean and comfy
if you stumble
make it part of the dance