zumba love 

Each day around the world, Zumba makes a positive impact on millions of people's lives, and it's in this spirit that Zumba Love was founded.


The mission of Zumba Love is to foster charitable initiatives that raise funds and awareness for important causes, and to celebrate the joy of giving through dance, fitness, friendship and love.




So far #TeamRachel has raised over £20,000 through Zumbathons, the annual Zumba Ball and Zumba Flash Mobs.


We have support many charities including:

Target Ovarian, Keeping Abreast, Big C Cancer Charity, Nelson's Journey, The Hamlet Centre, Leeway, The Benjamin Foundation, Cancer Research UK and many more!

In February  2016 #TeamRachel were awarded the South Norfolk Council Community Fundraiser of the Year Award.

In July 2016 Rachel was invited on an all expenses paid trip to Zumba Instructor Convention (Zincon) in Orlando USA to receive the Zumba Love Award in recognition for the work #TeamRachel has done fundraising for local charities and promoting Breast Cancer Awareness. One of only a handful of Awards given by the owner of Zumba Alberto Perlman, Rachel had to speak in front of 6000 Instructors from all over the Globe. 

Zumba Colour Fuzion
Zumba NorwichFlashMob 2014
Zumba Norwich Colour Fuzion
Zumba Norwich Rachel
Zumba The Hamlet Centre
Zumba Norwich FlashMob
Zumba Norwich LOVE
Zumba Rachel The Hamlet Centre