• Rachel Evans

Zumba Instructor Convention, Orlando 2017

Last year I was lucky enough to be invited by Zumba Head Office to collect the Zumba Love Award in Orlando in front of 7000 Instructors from around the Globe.  This year I decided to return to improve my skills and take many sessions that are relevant to my style of teaching.  

Just to make it a little more exciting I organised with my American Instructor friend Marybeth Blake a massive Breast Cancer Awareness Flash Mob at the Convention with Zumba Gold Instructors, including both creators of this programme and figure heads of Gold,  Josie Gardiner and Joy Prouty.  Photos show approximately 300-400 Instructors danced to I'm Still Standing (choreographed by me) to raise awareness of doing a movie nthly breast check.  It was an inspirational trip and I have returned more passionate than ever about This incredible fitness programme.

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