• Rachel Evans

Zumba Gold

THIS IS ZUMBA GOLD💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 Every single week for a long time I upload a new Zumba Gold Choreography for other Instructors to use in their classes. I'm blessed that this has led to many new friendships and conversations with Gold Instructors from other countries❤️. Zumba Gold is suitable for EVERYONE. I often see my Zumba Fitness students in my Gold classes and they love the difference. Originally designed for the over 50's we now try to promote this amazing fitness programme many different types of student: -Those starting or returning to their fitness journey -Those recovering from injury or illness -Pregnant and post natal women -nervous beginners There is a huge social element to joining Zumba Gold classes, my students are so friendly they have a whole new social life ❤️ It's a programme, if you know me, I'm so passionate about as it enables people to exercise in a fun, party atmosphere later in life. 

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