• Rachel Evans

Team Rachel hosts top International Zumba Presenters!!!

As we move to the second half of the year we are hosting two more amazing Masterclasses from the best International Zumba Presenters in Zumba right now.  

September 16th 4pm Wymondham Central Hall will see American Travis Algarin hols a UK Masterclass for the very first time. Travis is hot property right now and came in the Too Ten of Zumba's huge Next Rising Star Competition.

October 14th 6pm at The Willow Centre, Cringleford is where you can see two amazing Romanian Zumba Presenters know around the Globe for their choreography and ability to Present.  Claudiu Gutu was in fact in the Top 5 finalists on stage in Orlando at Zumba Instructor Convention and one of his YouTube choreos has received a massive 10 million views!   

His best friend Ionut Lordache is internationally known for his amazing choreographies and unique style.  Individually these guys are amazing together they are magical.

Anyone can attend a Masterclass and it adds excitement to being a part of Team Rachel.

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