• Rachel Evans

Team Rachel Masterclass with Dan Puche

Wowser what an incredible weekend!!!! Despite The Beast of The East trying to stop us with enormous snowfall and high winds we still managed to dance with Spanish talent Dan Puche.... even if we did have to move the class to a different venue and move it to Sunday from Saturday.  

Dan is a Zumba Super Talent and he's also a beautiful soul.   We all shared an amazing 2 hours with Dan and together it was truly memorable.  Dan now safely back in sunny Alicante meanwhile our next Masterclass date is June 16th with our dear, dear friend and Zumba Jammer Rafa Marvel of Portugal.  So much more ahead Team what a great life this is .... so much more than just a fitness class isn't it? 

Photo credits from the Masterclass to our Team Rachel Photographer the brilliant Georgie Smith 🙏❤️

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