• Rachel Evans

Another repost for Team Rachel Gold on the Official Zumba Gold Instagram page 🎉

Fabulous to see my amazing Zumba Gold Stage Crew reposted yet again by the Official Zumba Gold Instagram page for the Zumba Gold Challenge.   As Gold Instructors we were challenged to post an origional choreography to a cha cha track called La Bonita.   I love Zumba Gold so much it's a lower intensity, low impact fitness class with the sam

e party like feel. 

Origionally designed for the over 50's now it's also popular with those starting out on their journey to fitness, beginners to Zumba  and those who just prefer a slightly gentler class.  Don't be fooled though we do get sweaty and burn loads of calories!  

I hold 3 classes

Mondays 11.30am 

The Willow Centre, Roundhouse Park, Central Hall

Tuesdays 12-1pm 

Hethersett Village Hall 

Friday's 11am 

Wymondham Central Hall

Coming in September a new style of class Zumba Gold Toning to tighten up those wobbly bits and pieces

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