• Rachel Evans

Seeking Inspiration at Zumbafest in Belgium !

After nearly 7 years as a licences Zumba Instructor I'm more passionate than ever about this fitness programme that brings regular, effective and fun exercise into the lives of so many. In order to keep improving myself and bringing new skills and material to my classes I travel to be inspired. This weekend I travelled with two other lovely Instructors to dance for 10 hours with the top, top Zumba Presenters worldwide !! Oh boy do I feel invigorated and inspired. Each Presenter brings something different to the Zumba table. Shhh here's a little secret .... one of the Presenters, Jon Martin of Barcelona will be paying Team Rachel a visit on September 22nd @ Wymondham Central Hall for his first Ever UK Masterclass. Tickets at this venue will be limited remember. Jon blew us away with his flamenco inspired choreography, his Latin flavour and his enormous positive energy. Don't forget though before that Zumba Jammer and dear friend Rafa Marvel will be coming from Portugal to Masterclass here with Team Rachel on 16th June @ Wymondham Central Hall. So much to look forward to Team🎉

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