• Rachel Evans

Dublin weekend with my Zumba Gold Students

Team Rachel really is a Zumba Family.  I'm not just an Instructor with a room full of anonymous people.  I teach to a room full of  friends.  Students in my classes have made life long friendships through coming to Zumba.  I will endeavour to make all newbies feel very welcome, this makes a huge difference to their first experience of Team Rachel.  In fact for the Bank Holiday i went  to Dublin with my best friend and 6 of my cherished Gold Students, oh my we had some fun!!!   

At Zumba my philosophy is to make everyone feel welcomed and part of our happy gang.  We exercise for not only our physical health but also it's amazing for our mental well being.  

How lucky am I to be in a job I'm absolutely passionate about surrounded by so many friends ❤️

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