• Rachel Evans

My Secret!

I have been keeping a secret since April and today I’m officially allowed to let the cat out of the bag...... deep breath Rachel, here goes... Back in April I was asked by the amazing Co creator of the Zumba®️ Gold programme Josie Gardiner to contact her ‘partner in Gold crime’ the incredible Joy Prouty. I found myself with a cup of tea in hand speaking face to face with Joy on FaceTime it was truly a surreal experience !!! The proposition that followed rendered me unusually speechless. I am truly honoured and totally humbled to announce that I will be launching the first Zumba®️ Gold Jam at Zincon in Orlando in just under 4 weeks. The process of going through the ZJ™️ training as well as preparing for Zincon has been immense. This is the first of it’s kind and these new Speciality Jams are so needed and wanted by the Gold Zin Community. I am truly blessed to have been a part of shaping this structure. I have made no secret that Zumba®️ Gold is my passion, I have had 5 years of teaching and I see first hand the incredible impact this programme has on so many people. It has been life changing to many... it really is that profound. Yes we are in the business of making our students healthier and fitter but I am witnessing daily things that are equally as incredible. Beautiful new friendships, new found confidence and occasionally I swear I witness someone coming back to life as they feel surrounded by all the love and support that a Zumba®️ Gold class brings❤️. I’m terrified I won’t be good enough but if I don’t do this I will never know. I’ve worked so very hard these past 3 months, harder than I have ever done in my entire life. If nothing else I have given it my everything, really I have. I have been offered this opportunity after the amazing ZJ™️ Kathryn Burnside had to pull out due to family commitments. Trust me these are huge boots to fill she is so highly respected and talented, I just hope I can do this justice and her proud ❤️. To Dorinda Wexler II thank you for coping with my crazy, eccentric British ways I promise you I will give this my all🙏❤️. To Yenny and the Home Office thank you for the faith you show in this quirky, rainbow haired Brit I am truly humbled. So this is my secret and in 3 weeks when I leave for Florida and go to the most exciting Convention on this planet, I will be surrounded by like minded Zumba passionate people and I will be truly, truly be part of Zincon❤️. Thank you to my Sidekick and Friend Lucy Brooks who has had to pull me back from the brink a few times when I have doubted myself, I couldn’t have done this without your total support ❤️ When Sheila passed away all these amazing things started happening, I know she’s sending me all her positive energy and love. This one’s just for you my Zumba®️ Gold Inspiration❤️❤️❤️ 

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