• Rachel Evans

Exciting times ahead for Zumba®️ Gold

Look what just got sent to me!!!   It’s all starting to feel very real.  At the end of this month I will be leading the World’s First Ever Zumba®️ Gold Jam.  I will be taking a 3 hour training teaching over 100 Zumba®️ Gold Instructors from all over the globe choreography I have created!  It’s the greatest honour and I’m humbled to have been chosen to be head up the launch of this exciting  new training at Zincon in Orlando.

I’m passionate about Zumba®️ Gold it is the most amazing and unique fitness programme on the market today aimed not just at the more mature participant but also those starting their journey to fitness,  nervous beginners, those recovering from illness or injury and just anyone who wants a gentler class but with all the party atmosphere that Zumba®️ creates.  

Some exciting times ahead for sure 

But don’t worry I’ll keep you posted....

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