• Rachel Evans

Presenting the first ever Zumba®️ Gold Jam at Zincon in Orlando

What an amazing journey it has been since April when I was asked personally by the creators of the Zumba®️ Gold Programme itself to Present at Zincon in July. It was such a huge honour to become the world’s first Zumba®️ Gold Jammer. The Session I presented was to over 120 instructors where I taught them how to teach 4 of my own choreographies created just for Convention. Everything went unbelievably well and it just goes to show that hard work pays off. The students in the session were so wonderful and enthusiastic and now it’s fantastic to get messages from them saying they are using my choreographies in their classes and their students love them!  

Such an incredible experience I shall never forget.  Terrifying but incredible.   They say you should do one thing each day that scares you.... I think that’s my lot for 2018!!

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