• Rachel Evans

Wowser what a turnout 🙏

Launching a new class is always nerve wracking.... will people show up, will they like your style etc?   Last Tuesday I had a free taster session to launch my new Attleborough Zumba Gold Class and there was a fabulous turn out made up of enthusiastic and friendly folk.  

We had an amazing class I loved every second of it and at the end some of the partycupants came over to say just how much they had enjoyed it.  Whilst it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea I’m happy to have so many try it.

I’m so looking forward to building an Attleborough Zumba Gold Family mowvwhere Class is friendly and welcoming and a place where students can have fun and enjoy exercise.  

The class will be running now continuously .

Tuesdays 10am Connaught Hall Attleborough

All are welcome ❤️

Sessions are £5 pay as you go If you need more info please don’t hesitate to contact me😘

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