• Rachel Evans

Now that Christmas is over ..........

Now that the Big Day is over and the new decade is just around the corner it’s time to consider what you can do to improve your health and well being.  

Zumba is not only an amazing physical workout  but it can definately alter your mood for the better.    Everyone can Zumba and I offer several different styles of class so that everybody can find a session to suit their needs and ability :

Zumba Fitness - the original Zumba class

Zumba Gold - a slower paced, low impact class suitable for the older active participant, nervous beginner, those starting or returning to their fitness journey and those returning to exercise after injury or illness. 

Zumba Gold Toning - an easy to follow class using shaker weights for strength and conditioning

Zumba Gold seated - for those with limited mobility or balance issues.

Every Zumba class no matter which style feels like a party.  The steps are easy to follow and the time just flies by, who knew exercise could be so much fun.  Team Rachel students are the friendliest you will meet,  so you don’t have to worry about walking through the door to your first class!   Everyone was a beginner to Zumba at some point remember and there are no wrong moves in a Zumba class!

Full class timetable resumes from Monday 6th January 2020 feel free to contact me for any more details or advice.

Looking forward to a healthy and happy 2020!

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