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As I move into my 9th year as a Zumba Instructor I realise the importance of a first class to any new student. For my part I only have one chance as the Instructor to make the best impression not only of myself but also of my class.  I know my class is effective and keeps my students fit because many, many students have stayed in my classes for year.  It is important  For me to make newbies feel that they are welcome and that this is a fun way to achieve their fitness goals.

It’s nerve wracking walking into a first class isn’t it?  I’ve been there and bought several t-shirts over my 30 years exercising  in Group fitness classes.  With Team Rachel you don’t have to worry for my students are so friendly and welcoming,  they love to make newbies feel at home when they walk through the door❤️.  They understand what that first class feels like and they are always on hand to welcome new students  in.

I’m happy to offer a FREE trial class to new students for the whole of January because I want them to try out a class with nothing to lose excepr calories.

If you chose to stay coming to my classes it costs £5 pay as you go and that’s the same price as it’s been since I started nearly 9 years ago.  If you get addicted then a second class taken in the same week is only £3 (therefore £8 for 2 classes.

Hope to meet you and show you our Team Rachel style of Zumba.

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